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Builders Cleaning, Construction Cleaning and After Renovation Cleaning in Derrimut

Builders Cleaning in Derrimut

A builders cleaning is a specific type of cleaning carried out before a residential or commercial premises is handed over to the property owner. It is also referred to as an “after builders cleaning” or “post construction cleaning”. Generally, the builders are responsible for the builders cleaning, since they are required to hand property over to the owners in a spotless condition, regardless of whether it is a residential or commercial property.

Stages of Builders Cleaning

Initial or Rough Cleaning

This is the initial stage of a builders cleaning, and includes the removal of waste, dust and debris from all parts of the building. It is normally conducted during the construction stage, such as cleaning all Gyprock dust to ensure floors or tiles can be laid. Many builders request this service prior to the client walk-through, as trade defects can be easily spotted after the cleaning has occurred.

Final Detailed Cleaning

This is the final phase of the builders cleaning. It is expected that the property will be spotless and ready for handover. This involves the removal of trade debris, such as render spatter on windows, detailing of tiles, aligning grout lines, disposing grout haze on tiles, paint marks from floorboards, and much more. This stage is also the longest due to the level of detail that is required.

Why Brilliant Builders Cleaning

Using a Skilled Workforce to Provide the Builders Cleaning in Derrimut

We employ only competent and experienced builders  cleaners to provide builders cleaning in Derrimut. Each team consists of specialists who perform various activities. For example, our builders cleaning teams consist of a specialist window cleaner and floor cleaner. In that way we use the right cleaner for each job. The objective of this is genuinely a high standard of work.


Brilliant Builders Cleaning always keeps abreast of the latest technology. Our team regularly performs research to acquire new technology. This enables us to carry out our work efficiently and effectively, and enhances the productivity of our services. Our clients greatly appreciate this. Presently, we use the latest technology to provide our service.

Exceptional Quality in Builders Cleaning in Derrimut

Our approach is totally different from most builders cleaning providers. We deliver a high-quality service to our customers at highly affordable prices. The objective is to build a great relationship with our clients. In this way we are able to successfully expand our company.

Ongoing Training

Builders cleaning is totally different from general cleaning. It requires skilled cleaners, and importantly, it requires ongoing training. We train each cleaner separately, based on the required outcome.


We use only advanced equipment to provide construction cleaning in Derrimut to our clients. We conduct regular inspections to assess the performance of our equipment. Obsolete equipment is replaced immediately to ensure that we use only high-quality equipment to deliver our service.

After-Renovation Cleaning in Derrimut

Renovations are important undertakings, and the procedure inevitably creates dust and dirt that settles in unimaginable places. After a renovation of any size, irrespective of whether it is a commercial or residential property, there is simply no way to avoid cleaning. If you’re renovating, be ready for an onslaught of dust, plaster and dirt, which finds its way inside and behind drawers, on walls, inside light fixtures, on top of doors, on window sills, inside the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer, inside cupboards, on ceilings, behind frames, inside the oven and microwave, and other areas.

Then there are the windows, window sills, skirting’s, floors and restrooms, which accumulate paint spatter and debris, while the floor is covered with cardboard and tape to protect it from damage.

The Role of an Experienced Cleaner After Renovation

The premises must be sparkling after a renovation. This applies to both commercial and residential properties. A professional builders cleaning company should be engaged to clean the property after a renovation.

Employing After-Renovation Cleaners – Factors to Consider

Not all cleaners can do this kind of cleaning, particularly if they lack the patience and high attention to detail that is necessary to leave the premises as sparkling and dust-free as it can be. Post-renovation cleaning is one of the most tedious and meticulous cleaning services available. Brilliant Builders Cleaning is a leader in renovation cleaning. Our post-renovation cleaning service offers an expert cleaning program for apartments, houses, residential and commercial properties.

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